About Mercadex

Mercadex was established in 1989 by the management of Ceteco Metals (Curacao Trading Company, est. 1896) in an era of major political changes in Central Europe .


The company was created specifically to offer an alternative export channel for state owned factories. For decades, this category of producers had to export their products through state enterprises, lacking specific export marketing know how themselves.


With knowledge of all major Latin American and Caribbean export markets, Mercadex started to export and promote products of a large number of producers of steel products.


Nowadays, Mercadex is locally present in over 35 countries and continues to expand its activities. The company further developed into a specialised exporter of steel tubes and sections with a worldwide supplier base.


Mercadex supplies reliable quality at competitive terms to hundreds of industrial and distribution companies and acquired for several tubular products important market shares in local imports.


Exports, imports, logistics and financial operations are coordinated from the office in Bunschoten, the Netherlands .


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